Courier Delivery Software

Courier Delivery Software Bangladesh

Courier Delivery Software Bangladesh

BD Soft Lab has the best courier delivery software in Bangladesh. When you use our services, your business can grow while saving time and money. It’s efficient and affordable, plus it offers a free trial for new customers.

We develop software for courier delivery in Bangladesh. We offer the most reliable and efficient way to connect businesses with couriers and customers, directly through an online courier software that allows users to track their shipments. With this courier management solution, you can be sure that your packages will always get to their destination on time.

Courier Delivery Software Bangladesh

Courier Delivery Software Bangladesh

Benefits of using the best courier delivery software

If you use the BD Soft Lab courier delivery software, you can make sure that your business is running smoothly. In fact, using a quality system will save you time and money. Companies that use the BD Soft Lab courier delivery software are able to process large amounts of orders quickly, saving them time and money.

BD Soft Lab courier delivery software packages offer real-time data, customizable shipping options, and more. Our company provides the best courier delivery software in the market. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to your courier needs, give us a call today.

Best Courier Delivery Software Features

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Total Shipment
  • Total Containers Parcel Tracking Alert
  • Consolidated & Earning Pending
  • Payments Details
  • Monthly Sales Details
  • Graphics Flowchart
  • Shipping list
  • Locations Shipments
  • Delivered List
Shipment Management

Shipment Management

  • Shipment List
  • Create Shipment
  • Pick Up List
  • Pre Alerts
  • Shipment Reports
  • Search Shipment
Container Management

Container Management

  • Container List
  • Create Container
  • Container Status
  • Add items to Container
  • Shipment Information
Accounts Management

Accounts Management

  • Transaction History
  • Billing Statements
  • Sales Summary
  • Total Shipping Reports
  • Total Consolidation Report
  • Reports Filtering and Print
  • Total Container Report
  • All Payment List
Customer Management

Customer Management

  • All Customer List
  • Add New Customer
  • All Customer Status
  • Send Email to Customer
  • Customer Edit, Delete
Consolidation Management

Consolidation Management

  • All Consolidate List
  • Create New Consolidate
  • Consolidate Shipment Status
  • Consolidation process
  • Consolidation Packages
Driver Management

Driver Management

  • All Driver List
  • Add New Driver
  • All Driver Status
  • Send Email to Driver
  • Driver Edit, Delete
User Management

User Management

  • All User List
  • Add New User
  • Edit User
  • User Status U
  • ser Leave
  • Email to User
  • Newsletter Manager
Setting Management

Setting Management

  • Tax & Fees Setup
  • Shipping Mode Setup
  • Shipping Status Setup
  • Method Payment Setup
  • Packaging Type Setup
  • Item, Category Setup
  • Shipping Line Setup
  • Incoterms Setup
  • Notice Management
  • Email Templates Setup
  • SMS Templates Setup
  • Customer Login
  • Manager Login
  • Employee Login
  • Driver Login

Why do you use BD Soft Lab Courier Delivery Software?

BD Soft Lab Courier Delivery Software is a courier delivery system for Bangladesh. The software has been designed to provide an easy-to-use, simple and user-friendly interface with the latest technology that will suit your business needs in Bangladesh.

It provides you with all the features of an excellent courier tracking application without any complexities or difficulties. You can manage customer orders, schedule deliveries efficiently, track packages easily as well as generate reports on demand.

Are you looking for a better way to start a courier delivery business in Bangladesh? Get BD Soft Lab Courier Delivery Software today!

You may find that our solution fits into your needs just right! Contact us today if you have any questions about our product or services, we’re happy to help!