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The Ideal Retail Point of Sale (POS) Solution by BD Soft Lab

BD Soft Lab POS System is a state-of-the-art dynamic point-of-sale software solution that is highly configurable, easy to learn and set up, and scalable to grow with your business.

Best Super Shop POS

A smooth checkout process is essential in supermarkets and convenience stores. You need a system that is both reliable and efficient. BD Soft Lab POS software is designed to provide you and your customers with a great shopping experience. With just a few clicks, it uses its own hardware to record transactions, identify sales and offer discounts. Best Super Shop POS

Best Restaurant POS

Billing and restaurant POS software to simplify operations and maximize profits. Whether it’s a restaurant that requires table and kitchen management or a food truck that requires quick billing, BD SOft Lab fits into the way your hospitality business operates. Start now and try the live demo. Best Restaurant POS

Best Pharmacy POS

Pharmacy point-of-sale systems help pharmacies and pharmacists receive payments digitally and electronically, track available inventory, manage customers, and review or approve purchase orders. These solutions are implemented by retailers, clinical and independent pharmacies. By using pharmacy-specific point-of-sale solutions, pharmacy employees can better manage sales transactions, leverage payment processing technology, ensure compliance with both PCI and healthcare regulations, and store performance. Gain insights into margin opportunities and customer loyalty. Start now and try the live demo. Best Pharmacy POS

Best Clothing Store POS

Having a robust inventory management system is critical to the success of a clothing store POS. That’s why BD Soft Lab has transformed a difficult and time-consuming process into a streamlined one. We make it easy to create multiple variations of products for sale at POS. Sort items by brand, color, size, and material. You can also assign unique SKUs and sell individual items in bundles. Best Clothing Store POS

Best Footwear Store POS

Get the most out of your shoe store’s point-of-sale with a BD Soft Lab all-in-one retail solution designed to let your customers through the door. However, managing its inventory along with all other shoe accessories is not an easy task. As a result, BD Soft Lab POS has a robust inventory management system that offers an unlimited number of his SKUs, making it easy to sort items. You can easily add, edit, and delete inventory items with just a few clicks. Best Footwear Store POS

Best Fashion Store POS

Get the most out of your fashion boutique with BD Soft Lab’s intuitive clothing store point-of-sale software. Running a clothing store is exciting and ultimately rewarding, but it also comes with many challenges. From navigating the latest fashion trends directly from the catwalk to managing your online and in-store presence, running a boutique is not easy. That’s why BD Soft Lab curated his POS experience in the clothing store for a fast-growing fashion store. From an easy-to-use interface to endless features, it provides a system that is as impressive as display clothing. Best Fashion Store POS

Best Salon & Spa POS

Next-generation POS system for salons and spas. Billing and payment to provide customers and staff with a fast and seamless checkout experience. Go beyond traditional receptions with a mobile cash register ready for guests anytime, anywhere. With just a few taps on your tablet, you can check-in guests, add seat upgrades, store items on guest invoices, and check out guests. Book your next appointment before your guest leaves your seat or leaves the vast retail space. Best Salon & Spa POS

Best Electronic Store POS

Use BD Soft Lab Smart Electronics Store Inventory Management. Information is power, and our omnichannel inventory management solutions help you organize inventory, submit guarantees, monitor orders, manage suppliers, and monitor performance. Fully integrated software solutions improve efficiency, improve customer experience, and reduce operational costs quickly and easily. Customized for tech stores, it has features unique to electronics stores. Best Electronic Store POS

A Leader in Integrated Business Software Solutions in Bangladesh

Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solutions support retailers, hospitality, and service stations around the world. Centrally manage your business from front to back using a single software system. Get innovative business software to help you respond to and predict rapidly changing consumer habits.

Custom Software Development
Address complex business issues with custom software solutions. Leverage custom development expertise to solve business problems and drive ROI.
Software Development Outsourcing
Reduces the unnecessary burden on your in-house IT team. Build cost-effective software solutions for your business capabilities in record time to market.
Software Product Development
Realize your software vision with end-to-end software product development based on emerging technologies and unmatched development capabilities.

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Our Software Make Your Organization Fast and Flexible

A one-stop software partner that drives performance and growth. Build software, web, and mobile applications, transform legacy systems, gain great capabilities to become cloud architects, increase agility and unlock new growth opportunities.

Complete development of scalable software solutions that drive business transformation. Leverage our deep technical expertise, feature knowledge, and development insights to build advanced custom software solutions.

  • – Best Software Company in Bangladesh.
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The potential for tailor-made development of BD Soft Lab is widely recognized. Relationships are built on a strong foundation of trust and complete transparency. Our technology, software consulting capabilities, and software outsourcing experience have helped hundreds of clients around the world excel.

We build a talented and diverse workforce with a passion for rapid and fundamental change. We always get high scores for custom software development features. We build stronger relationships through open conversations with our customers and thorough transparency.

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Optimize Your Business With Next-Generation Custom Software Development

We are a professional software development partner. Software Developing with BD Soft Lab is more than just a project. Our collaborative approach leads to long-term business results. Our smooth communication improves your proficiency and enables rapid application development for global customers.

Our agile project management is simple and clear. A solid project management process to meet client expectations, avoid cost overruns, and minimize project risk. We deliver software products smoothly from scope to delivery. With our consistent delivery with deep expertise, proven processes, and superior technology, we can deliver the best products.

We implement various software development methods to deliver software on time. Positive attitude, super scaling ability, quality-oriented process, detailed technical skills, and professional approach are our reliable feedback.

Our customers love us and will always be back for future software development needs. We are proud of every project we have completed and will continue to help our customers repeatedly innovate and strategically agile their businesses.


Client-oriented Software Development Process.

Our development process is very people-focused and customer-focused. We are known for our excellent project management skills-whether to bail out a project or build a solution from scratch, we are a highly regarded self to provide the desired business value. Assign organizing skills to developers. We understand that every client has its own project needs and that running the Developer Bench module doesn't work in most cases. Therefore, we carefully select the developers of the project according to their skills and expertise.

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