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BD SOFT LAB is a trusted name for Courier Software Development in Bangladesh. Using the best Courier Management Software is essential and key to the success of a Courier company. Since our establishment (2011), we have about 10 years of experience and have established ourselves as one of the leading Bangladeshi courier software development companies. Our experienced and skilled software developers work with a professional approach to build the best courier software for industries of all sizes. We are the best choice for courier companies looking for software development in Bangladesh.

  • ­Design that attracts customers.
  • ­Beautiful and modern design that makes difference.
  • ­Boost your sales with strategically designed marketing materials.

We have developed software suitable for various forms of management. Our highly trained team of software developers provides your courier industry with solutions that meet your daily needs. Our software and courier service solutions are cost-effective and efficient.

With our Courier solution, you can access and manage your online software from anywhere in the world. Our system manages key aspects of the relevant courier cycle.

1. Supplier management
2. Cargo management:
3. Deliver the project
4. Truck vehicle
5. Book a package
6. Email and SMS
7. Barcoding
8. Advertising system

We occasionally provide demos of Courier Software Development. We also offer our customers a trial period of Courier Software Development.

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Features of Courier Software

Our comprehensive Courier Software design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted Courier Software for your business.

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Total Shipment
  • Total Containers Parcel Tracking Alert
  • Consolidated & Earning Pending
  • Payments Details
  • Monthly Sales Details
  • Graphics Flowchart
  • Shipping list
  • Locations Shipments
  • Delivered List

Shipment Management

  • Shipment List
  • Create Shipment
  • Pick Up List
  • Pre Alerts
  • Shipment Reports
  • Search Shipment

Container Management

  • Container List
  • Create Container
  • Container Status
  • Add items to Container
  • Shipment Information

Consolidation Management

  • All Consolidate List
  • Create New Consolidate
  • Consolidate Shipment Status
  • Consolidation process
  • Consolidation Packages

Accounts Management

  • Transaction History
  • Billing Statements
  • Sales Summary
  • Total Shipping Reports
  • Total Consolidation Report
  • Reports Filtering and Print
  • Total Container Report
  • All Payment List

Customer Management

  • All Customer List
  • Add New Customer
  • All Customer Status
  • Send Email to Customer
  • Customer Edit, Delete

Driver Management

  • All Driver List
  • Add New Driver
  • All Driver Status
  • Send Email to Driver
  • Driver Edit, Delete

User Management

  • All User List
  • Add New User
  • Edit User
  • User Status U
  • ser Leave
  • Email to User
  • Newsletter Manager

Setting Management

  • Tax & Fees Setup
  • Shipping Mode Setup
  • Shipping Status Setup
  • Method Payment Setup
  • Packaging Type Setup
  • Item, Category Setup
  • Shipping Line Setup
  • Incoterms Setup
  • Notice Management
  • Email Templates Setup
  • SMS Templates Setup
  • Customer Login
  • Manager Login
  • Employee Login
  • Driver Login

More Supports for You

What is courier management software?

Courier management software is a platform that provides convenience to customers and allows them to track deliveries in real-time. The global scale of courier services, express delivery services, and parcels has established a strong position in the market. Dedicated courier management software helps companies serve users around the world with reliable service support.


How do you automate your logistics activities?

As user demand changes, companies are upgrading their services and approaches. Courier delivery software is a solution that aims to improve the ease of requesting a courier for users and provide reliable support. Many companies in the courier market are upgrading to the latest technical support.

  • Supporting multilateral expansion to expand business reach and manage profits
  • Manage delivery jobs and track jobs appropriately with real-time delivery tracking
  • Dedicated carrier support with the right app to meet the needs of the carrier and manage the delivery service
  • Online payment collection capabilities

Reasons to Use BD Soft Lab Courier Management System

At BD Soft Lab, we are always looking to create customers and technologies that are easy for them to use. BD Soft Lab courier management system is a step towards simplifying existing manual systems so that users can easily access them with the click of a button and store unlimited information for quick data retrieval.

Our courier management system helps you manage and monitor your day-to-day operations such as hub rates, returns, returns, company details, bookings, pickup centers, non-delivery, inbound courier, account management, and more. If done manually, this is a very busy process and needs automation. BD Soft Lab courier management software is the solution to this because it improves the return on effort and saves time and money.

Courier Software keeps you informed about your business and ensures on-time delivery and prompt response to provide you with efficient and world-class service. It’s an element of joy for our customers.

Contact us by phone or email for a demo of the courier management software. Our representative will contact you and guide you on how to do it.