Accounting and Inventory Management Software Bangladesh

Find the best accounting and inventory software for your business quickly and easily.

All-in-one accounting and inventory management software for growing businesses. Organize your inventory with important information such as SKUs, product images, supplier details, costs, and inventory on hand. Track from the moment you create an item. You can always monitor your inventory level by enabling inventory tracking. Use powerful inventory management, order processing, and inventory management software to increase sales and track all units.

  • ­Easy to Use Interface.
  • ­Very Good User Interface.
  • ­Manage Your Accounting and Inventory.

Simple, easy-to-use, and one of the best accounting and inventory systems to help you manage your accounts online. BD Soft Lab is the simplest Inventory, Invoicing, and Accounting software. It is user-friendly, you don’t have to waste time learning it. It helps you to manage your business digitally, even with no Accounting knowledge. Track Cash-In, Cash-Out, Cheques, Cheques, Receivables/Payables, Total Stock Value, Payment Reminders, etc.

BD Soft Accounting and Inventory Software Bangladesh is affordable and is one of the most popular business management software systems.

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Features of Accounting & Inventory Software

Attractive Dashboard

  • Daily sales details
  • Monthly & yearly sales report
  • Total revenue, cost, tax details
  • Latest order details
  • Recently added Product
  • Store summary eg: Total Product, Order, Invoice, Customer
  • Multiple Branch accounts reports

Accounting & Inventory Software

Purchase Manager

  • Add new supplier
  • Manage all supplier
  • Purchase product from the supplier
  • Purchase invoice generate
  • Supplier history with a purchase record

Accounting & Inventory Software

Customer Management

  • Add new customer
  • Manage all supplier
  • Manage your all customer
  • Customer discount setup

Accounting & Inventory Software

Product Management

  • Create product category/subcategory
  • Add the product in-store
  • Product general rate, special offer
  • Manage product inventory
  • Product barcode generate facility
  • Manage damage product
  • Damage product will auto deduct from inventory

Accounting & Inventory Software

Due Collection Management

  • Customer Due Adjustment
  • Customer Dues Collection
  • Pay Supplier Dues

Accounting & Inventory Software

Inventory Management

  • Categorization of products in stocks
  • Measurement of products
  • Inventory/Products history
  • Livestock reports
  • Vendor management
  • eCommerce
  • Total Inventory Management

Accounting & Inventory Software

Barcoding & Tagging

  • Scan barcode easily
  • Faster performance
  • Records things faster than the workforce
  • Get precise details of products
  • Locate products
  • Barcode and Tagging
  • Inventory Management System

Accounting & Inventory Software

Inventory Tracking

  • Product tracking
  • Tagging
  • Reports and audits
  • Inventory Tracking Solutions

Accounting & Inventory Software

Inventory Forecasting

  • Powerful future insights
  • Align sales and marketing efforts
  • Reduce the risk of stockouts
  • Lower holding costs
  • Increased turnover rates
  • Maximizes asset efficiency
  • Inventory Forecasting

Accounting & Inventory Software

Inventory Alerts System

  • Reduced stock waste
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Improved cross-department visibility of stock data
  • Helps manage your Investment Style
  • Drive sales
  • Maintain operational control
  • Inventory Alert

Accounting & Inventory Software

Order Management

  • Add new order
  • Barcode scanner/search product by barcode number
  • You can select the customer for the new order procedure
  • If the customer has discounted it will apply
  • Auto Tax/Vat calculation
  • Order and invoice number generate

Accounting & Inventory Software

Human Resource Management

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Time-sheets & Attendance Management

Accounting & Inventory Software

System Administration

  • Multiple User access System
  • User profile setting
  • Id password change
  • Software Back System

Accounting & Inventory Software

Report Generating Tools

  • Sales report generate
  • Daily, Monthly/Customize sales report
  • Purchase report generate
  • Transaction Report
  • Product Report
  • It will show your purchase history with the supplier

Accounting & Inventory Software

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BD Soft Lab Accounting and Inventory Management Software Bangladesh

BD Soft Lab accounting and inventory management system is a great system for managing your accounting and tracking sales, orders, inventory levels, and deliveries. Such systems are useful for account management, manufacturing inventory management, production-related documents, and material accounts. Accounting and inventory management systems help entrepreneurs perform their most important tasks. Examples: Tracking sales, orders, barcode scanning, purchases, and many other important business processes.</p> <p>It is very important for companies to regulate their work efficiently to meet deadlines. The productivity of the company's entire system is improved with the help of accounting and inventory management systems. Overall, the accounting and inventory management system helps you organize accounting and categorize your inventory, regardless of the size of your business.


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Accounting & Inventory Software Pricing

small business

Small Business

TK 40,000/=

  • Free Software Domain
  • Free Software Hosting
  • Online Training
  • Single Company 03 Users
  • Monthly Service Charge 1200 Tk.
medium business

Medium Business

TK 55,000/=

  • Free Software Domain
  • Free Software Hosting
  • Online Training
  • Single Company 08 Users
  • Monthly Service Charge 2000 Tk.
Corporate Business

Corporate Business

TK 1,50,000/=

  • Free Software Domain
  • Free Software Hosting
  • Online Training
  • Multiple Branch – Multi-Users
  • Monthly Service Charge 7000 Tk.