Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software in Bangladesh

BD Soft Lab Restaurant Inventory Management Software

BD Soft Lab restaurant inventory management software system is a computer program for the hospitality business with a complete commercial kitchen. Our systems help you manage inventory levels of ingredients, purchase orders, recipes, and menu costs. The best restaurant inventory management software system with point-of-sale system integrations.

BD Soft Lab restaurant inventory management software is a cloud-based inventory and supplier management system explicitly designed to support restaurants. A complete suite of features includes physical counting, budgeting, purchasing, order optimization, food costing, and supplier management.

BD Soft Lab restaurant inventory management software is a pioneer in restaurant POS. This system is the cloud-based POS for restaurants, it has an impressive number of features into a streamlined package.


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Features of Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Attractive Dashboard

  • Daily sales details
  • Monthly & yearly sales report
  • Total revenue, cost, tax details
  • Latest order details
  • Recently added Product
  • Store summary eg: Total Product, Order, Invoice, Customer
  • Multiple Branch accounts reports

Inventory Management

  • Categorization of products in stocks
  • Measurement of products
  • Inventory/Products history
  • Livestock reports
  • Vendor management
  • eCommerce
  • Total Inventory Management

Barcoding & Tagging

  • Scan barcode easily
  • Faster performance
  • Records things faster than the workforce
  • Get precise details of products
  • Locate products
  • Barcode and Tagging
  • Inventory Management System

Inventory Tracking

  • Product tracking
  • Tagging
  • Reports and audits
  • Inventory Tracking Solutions

Inventory Forecasting

  • Powerful future insights
  • Align sales and marketing efforts
  • Reduce the risk of stockouts
  • Lower holding costs
  • Increased turnover rates
  • Maximizes asset efficiency
  • Inventory Forecasting

Inventory Alerts System

  • Reduced stock waste
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Improved cross-department visibility of stock data
  • Helps manage your Investment Style
  • Drive sales
  • Maintain operational control
  • Inventory Alert

Purchase Manager

  • Add new supplier
  • Manage all supplier
  • Purchase product from the supplier
  • Purchase invoice generate
  • Supplier history with a purchase record

Customer Management

  • Add new customer
  • Manage all supplier
  • Manage your all customer
  • Customer discount setup

Product Management

  • Create product category/subcategory
  • Add the product in-store
  • Product general rate, special offer
  • Manage product inventory
  • Product barcode generate facility
  • Manage damage product
  • Damage product will auto deduct from inventory

Due Collection Management

  • Customer Due Adjustment
  • Customer Dues Collection
  • Pay Supplier Dues

Order Management

  • Add new order
  • Barcode scanner/search product by barcode number
  • You can select the customer for the new order procedure
  • If the customer has discounted it will apply
  • Auto Tax/Vat calculation
  • Order and invoice number generate

Human Resource Management

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Time-sheets & Attendance Management

System Administration

  • Multiple User access System
  • User profile setting
  • Id password change
  • Software Back System

Report Generating Tools

  • Sales report generate
  • Daily, Monthly/Customize sales report
  • Purchase report generate
  • Transaction Report
  • Product Report
  • It will show your purchase history with the supplier

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 Restaurant Inventory Management Software with Integrated Restaurant POS

Real-time restaurant inventory management and tracking

  • Restaurant inventory management software helps you manage your inventory tightly and prevent waste and theft.
  • Keep a clear overview of the inventory currently available at your restaurant store.
  • The In-Stock and Out of Stock features provide inventory details available at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Check for discrepancies between the ideal supply consumed during the day and the actual physical supply available at the end.
  • Use restaurant inventory management software to view detailed reports on inventory consumption and make informed decisions.

Central Kitchen Management

  • Easily manage the total circulation of raw materials from the base kitchen to various restaurants.
  • Use BD Soft Lab Restaurant Inventory Management Software to view the inventory needs for each POS from the center panel.
  • Create purchase orders for each restaurant and manage inventory distribution.
  • Track inventory consumption across all POS through detailed reports.

Raw Material Management

  • Track restaurant inventory requirements using BD Soft Lab ingredient management capabilities.
  • Sets the reorder level for each raw item in stock. You can set alerts to notify you to order more when an item reaches the order level.
  • In particular, it manages the shelf life of fresh food products. You will be notified when an item has reached its expiration date.
  • Use BD Soft Lab restaurant inventory management software to manage your daily, weekly, and monthly inventory requirements.

Recipe Management

  • Use BD Soft Lab recipe management capabilities to ensure consistency across POS.
  • The centralized recipe manager feature allows you to instantly update recipes at all point-of-sale, ensuring the same quality and standard consistency.
  • Keep your food costs down by changing the main recipes and the parts needed to prepare the items.
  • Use BD Soft Lab restaurant inventory management software to track the inventory consumed based on the recipe for each dish.

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