Online Courier Booking Software

Online Courier Booking Software

Online Courier Booking Software Bangladesh

If you’re looking for a courier booking software that is simple, efficient, and easy to use, try BD Soft Lab Courier Software. With an interactive interface, you can get your business up!

BD Soft Lab is the best courier software development company in Bangladesh. We are the most experienced and have the highest success rate. Our custom solutions are tailored to suit client needs.

Online courier booking software

Online courier booking software Bangladesh

We are a team of experienced software developers who have expertise in building robust, scalable, and user-friendly online courier booking software.

BD Soft Lab online courier booking software can be used by any business that needs to arrange pickups and deliveries of goods or documents.

Best Courier Software Features

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Total Shipment
  • Total Containers Parcel Tracking Alert
  • Consolidated & Earning Pending
  • Payments Details
  • Monthly Sales Details
  • Graphics Flowchart
  • Shipping list
  • Locations Shipments
  • Delivered List
Shipment Management

Shipment Management

  • Shipment List
  • Create Shipment
  • Pick Up List
  • Pre Alerts
  • Shipment Reports
  • Search Shipment
Container Management

Container Management

  • Container List
  • Create Container
  • Container Status
  • Add items to Container
  • Shipment Information
Accounts Management

Accounts Management

  • Transaction History
  • Billing Statements
  • Sales Summary
  • Total Shipping Reports
  • Total Consolidation Report
  • Reports Filtering and Print
  • Total Container Report
  • All Payment List
Customer Management

Customer Management

  • All Customer List
  • Add New Customer
  • All Customer Status
  • Send Email to Customer
  • Customer Edit, Delete
Consolidation Management

Consolidation Management

  • All Consolidate List
  • Create New Consolidate
  • Consolidate Shipment Status
  • Consolidation process
  • Consolidation Packages
Driver Management

Driver Management

  • All Driver List
  • Add New Driver
  • All Driver Status
  • Send Email to Driver
  • Driver Edit, Delete
User Management

User Management

  • All User List
  • Add New User
  • Edit User
  • User Status U
  • ser Leave
  • Email to User
  • Newsletter Manager
Setting Management

Setting Management

  • Tax & Fees Setup
  • Shipping Mode Setup
  • Shipping Status Setup
  • Method Payment Setup
  • Packaging Type Setup
  • Item, Category Setup
  • Shipping Line Setup
  • Incoterms Setup
  • Notice Management
  • Email Templates Setup
  • SMS Templates Setup
  • Customer Login
  • Manager Login
  • Employee Login
  • Driver Login

Why Do You Use BD Soft Lab Courier Software?

BD Soft Lab has developed extensive domain knowledge about courier management software for courier management. The software is adaptable to both a single branch and multiple branches, helping courier managers get the best profits and grow their business more broadly.

BD Soft Lab Online Courier Management Software is a web-based platform that streamlines all activities related to the courier business.

It handles the entire process from booking a package to receiving it and delivering it. All package details are displayed on one screen with the current status, making the process transparent.

Our best courier software covers all processes related to international courier service and domestic collection and delivery. Tailoring to customer needs is an additional feature that guarantees complete customer satisfaction.